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How does it work?

We have three models for you to choose from

1) Offshore model
2) Onsite model
3) Onsite-Offshore model

Offshore model
"If you want great cost savings"

You can get up to 60% cost savings, if you choose offshore model. However, to use this model, you must be well organized and properly setup for outsourcing. For example, you must have all your bookkeeping records/documents available in an electronic format. That is, you must have your records as spreadsheets, scanned documents or as accounting software backup files.

All your documents and records will be securely sent using our online document transmission system to our offshore center in India. Our bookkeepers and accountants in our offshore center will do the necessary tasks. Once they are completed you will receive your completed reports and backup files from our team in India.

Onsite model
"If you want an accountant local to you"

If you want an accountant to work closely with you, either at your offices or somewhere locally then you can go for this model. That is, if you would like an accountant to visit your offices often and generally be available to you, then this model will suit you.

Onsite-Offshore model
"If you want cost savings and an accountant nearby"

Instead of having a large in house accounting team that costs you a lot of money, you could use our onshore-offshore model. If your requirements are large and you need an accounting team, this model will work for you. Using this model, you will still have an accountant/s either working directly in your office or be available whenever you need plus an additional team at our offshore center in India.

How much does it cost?

We have a large team of bookkeepers and accountants at our offshore offices in India. The price for an offshore bookkeeper starts from £7.95 per hour and the price for an offshore accountant starts from £10.95 per hour.

Additionally we have a local team of bookkeepers and accountants in the UK. The price for the local bookkeeper starts from £20 per hour and for the local accountant it starts from £30 per hour. Combining both offshore and onshore team we have 3 models for you to choose from and depending on your situation you could pick any one of our bookkeeping/accounting outsourcing models.

Contact us with your requirements and we will get back to you with a customised quote.

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