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I have a small business. Will outsourced bookkeeping work for me?

Yes. We work with several small businesses. As a matter of fact it is much easier to outsource bookkeeping when you are smaller. You can be assured that we give same level of care and attention to all our clients irrespective of their size.

What is your approximate price for bookkeeping?

Pricing depends on the nature of your work and the outsourcing model you want to choose. That is, if your work requires bookkeepers in the UK or bookkeeping staff from India. We have given the indicative prices on our price page. If you need an accurate quote, then just contact us.

Do we have to sign any long term contract?

No. We clearly understand that outsourcing services are based on a mutually co-operative and successful engagement of both parties and so we believe in flexibility and so do not want to tie-in our clients with any binding long term contracts. We typically go in to 1 year agreement with 30 day cancellation notice.

How can I communicate with your bookkeeper/accountant in India?

You can communicate through instant chat, e-mail and SMS. Our accountants will be online most of UK time and so you can get to talk to them instantly. It is just like having a colleague at your own office.

I own an accounting firm. I wish to outsource. But, how will you resolve any queries that you get on our client’s accounts? Will you talk to them direct?

No. We will never ever talk to any of your clients. Our agreement will clearly mention this and we will never communicate direct with your client. You will be the only point of contact for us. Regarding the queries, we will make a list of questions and send it to you, and you can direct the questions to your client and get back the answers and forward it to us.

What are the advantages of using your bookkeeping services?

On an average we guarantee a 40-50% cost savings. Additionally there are so many other benefits like freeing up your valuable time and decreased overheads.

How does the outsourced bookkeeping process work?

You scan, fax or email the documents and send it over a secure network to us. We receive the same, acknowledge the receipt, complete the work, verify and send it back to your system with a job report. The process varies from client to client and please do call or email us to find how it can work for you.

How safe is your document transfer system?

Our document transfer system uses the same secure protocols used by banks and financial institutions for transferring their information like credit card information etc.

How secure is your facilities?

We strictly follow the principles of Data-Protection Act 1998 and Privacy Policy. Your peace of mind is ensured and your data is in safe hands and is highly secure. Our bookkeepers do not even have access to any removable media like printers, pen drives etc. Our secure high end servers are located in USA and we also do disaster recovery process as per the criticality of the requirement. We sign non-disclosure agreements with all our employees.

We are not computer experts. Will you provide technical help?

Yes. We definitely will help you on setting up the process. So you never have to worry about lack of in-house technical staff.

How will you make sure your outsourced bookkeeping service works right for us?

Before we start to do anything we go through a standard operating procedure. We will first identify the areas that can be outsourced, do a pilot project on how it will be done, iron out all the potential problem areas and get a correct working process and get it going. It is not the end there, we continually look out for the possibility of improvisation and suggest the same to you and take it on from there.

Fortunately our past experience has helped us establish the procedure already and so the time taken to set up this process is considerable less than usual.

How can I start with you?

Please leave your details here. We will get in touch with you and we could even get you started the same day.

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