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Why Integra for outsourced bookkeeping?

India price: UK support

You get best of both worlds. Using our India accounting work force we are able to bring substantial savings to your bookkeeping and accounting prices. We also give you the peace of mind with our local UK accountants who are just a phone call away.

Exceptional quality

Our highly qualified and trained bookkeeping and accounting professionals ensure global standards are always maintained and often exceeded.

Quick scaling up

We have the ability to scale up our operations in a short notice. This gives you a great opportunity to gain immediate access to experienced bookkeepers and accountants.

Data protection

We are a UK registered company with our subsidiary centre in India. We guarantee the data protection that is very important in an outsourcing partnership.

Choosing your outsourcing partner is always tricky. We believe that, Integra is your best bet when it comes to selecting your bookkeeping / accounting outsourcing partner. Contact us today for an instant quote.

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