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Trusted by 100's of happy clients across the UK, since 2004.

  • We have been working with Integra since December 2012. They manage our bank reconciliation, credit card statement reconciliation, invoice posting, employee expense claims, and year-end audit adjustment posting. Their competent and detail-oriented offshore team, and an office in London. This affords us additional comfort as we are able to meet up with local representatives when the need arises. We are pleased to recommend Integra.

    Ratings Michel Sacher
  • I partnered with Integra for accounting and bookkeeping work, freeing up my time to focus on business growth. There is often a stigma attached to outsourcing and the resulting quality of work but I was pleased with the Company's quick response and well-presented accounts. I would always recommend Integra to any company as it's just like having another member of staff. If you are a growing business, then Integra does a great job in helping you achieve your goals.

    Ratings Tax Assist Accountants Franchise
  • As a freelance IT contractor, I sought guidance from Integra's accountants when transitioning from a salaried position at a telecom company. They expertly advised me on various options and helped establish my limited company. Their top-notch communication and support included teaching me how to manage receipts, optimize tax payments, and maximize tax savings. For the past four years, Integra has efficiently managed my bookkeeping, payroll, tax calculations, dividend computations, year-end accounts, self-assessment tax returns, and HMRC communications. I wholeheartedly recommend Integra's accounting services to fellow IT contractors, freelancers, and those in similar situations.

    Ratings Gopal Thirumurthy
  • I highly recommend Integra for outsourced accounting services due to their strict adherence to UK data protection regulations. Working with them has enabled me to efficiently scale my business to £1 million annually with offshore accountants, supported by my UK team. Their streamlined process allows for long-term planning and accommodates urgent tasks. Integra's can-do attitude, cost savings, and honesty make it an excellent choice for any accounting firm seeking outsourcing service. I plan to maintain a long-term partnership with them.

    Ratings Accountancy Firm
  • When we handled work in-house, we faced a significant backlog, resulting in reporting issues and questionable accuracy at month-end. These problems no longer exist since partnering with Integra. My concerns about data security were quickly alleviated, as their measures are foolproof. I now feel comfortable working with Integra due to their cost-effectiveness and their willingness to tailor their services to my needs.

    Ratings James Hunt
  • Answered every question I had. Felt like she was the the whole way with my first meld.

    Ratings James cantrell
  • Tracy, Sara and Kevin are awesome!! I tell them all the time how much I appreciate them but I wanted to say here too thank you, We have come across many companies that we enjoy working with and then there are a few magical companies that create an experience so great that I will never forget all they have done. Integra - Tracy and team is one of those magical companies and the people that make it all happen. I thank you so very much for the care you provide for my practice and keep up the great work, you are changing the accounting world one bank feed at a time :). Thank you Team!! Best Team ever!!!

    Ratings Kerry Ann Smith
  • Dave White is very hard-working and professional. He is a quick learner and exemplary member of our accounting team.

    Ratings Meera Kantaria
  • Sharon is great. We just need to work out our systems a little bit. But I am very happy with the quality of work.

    Ratings Nick Mascetta
  • Great service

    Ratings Richard
  • Tracy is easy to work with and keeps me informed of status. Always lets me know if there are questions or informs me of any open questions

    Ratings Michael Mongulla
  • Tracy is a asset to your company, her response is wonderful.

    Ratings Stacie
  • Tracy always does an outstanding job on all tasks given. Her communicate is always on point and her response time is pretty fast. Thank you for your service

    Ratings Gloria Brown
  • I am very pleased with Sharon; she communicates very well and has my work on time. She responds quickly and provides an excellent customer service.

    Ratings Mary Cervantes
  • Our service and support from Sharon specifically (but Integra in general) has been nothing short of stellar! We are a small startup with big ambitions, and we couldn't do the work we do without the work of Sharon and Integra! Thank You!

    Ratings Darryl J. Nicke II
  • Sharon Walker is exceptionally responsible. Her persistence of helping set up access to our bank account has left me a very good impression on her, because it is a very complicated process. My previous bookkeeper could not do it so I am happy she can,

    Ratings Rhoda Zheng
  • We are enjoying your great communication and prompt attention to our work. Thank you for being our partner!

    Ratings Kelli Cox
  • Sharon is doing a good job. she is honest and hardworking

    Ratings Jared
  • Rhea is always so helpful and amazing!

    Ratings Natasha Hasbun
  • Sharon and her team are outstanding and always go above and beyond to serve our needs.

    Ratings Michael Mong
  • Ratings Michelle Wolf
  • Quick response

    Ratings Dave
  • Sharon and her team are professional, talented, and always on top of any task or responsibility we ask of them. Working together with them has greatly aided my business and given us the ability to grow and thrive!

    Ratings Jeff Cattanach
  • Cindy did a great job for me and very good communications and will continue my service for 2022. Thank you !

    Ratings Jimmy Walsworth
  • Awesome work. Timely and reliable!!

    Ratings Lynsey
  • Great work!

    Ratings Ivan Bravo
  • It's been wonderful working with Sharon! She's very patient and accommodating of any requests. Very satisfied!

    Ratings Aline Hobart
  • Sharon is extraordinarily intelligent. Her attention to detail is incredible. She is honest and a true professional who I trust implicitly.

    Ratings Matthew
  • Thanks! Books looked great!

    Ratings Sarah Warren
  • Excellent. Thank you Tom.

    Ratings James
  • Thank you excellent

    Ratings Mike Yilit
  • In all of my years I have never met a more dedicated professional than Sharon Walker. Her knowledge, experience and attention to detail are exceptional. Sharon goes well beyond what is expected to deliver results - including skype calls at midnight her time. She is a joy to work with and I'm so glad to work with her.

    Ratings Matthew Beck
  • We have been very pleased with the quality of your work and the speed of the turnaround. Happy to be working with you!

    Ratings Kelli Cox
  • Sharon, i am sorry I messed up your work. I will try and communicate what I need done and hopefully you can fix it. Thanks

    Ratings Bruce D Deary
  • Sticking with it to help us reach our goal even though we no longer have records from Apfolio prior to August 2019

    Ratings Ola McQueen
  • Rhea is so patient and awesome! We appreciate her and the Integra team.

    Ratings Natasha
  • I have been working with Linda Allen ( for the past year and I am very happy with her work and professionalism. Happy Partnership! and Happy Holidays!

    Ratings Lynsey
  • I have been working with Tracy for a almost a year. She is the best and always performs efficiently and without fail. I have really enjoyed being able to call on her for bookkeeping and other various projects.

    Ratings Travis Tung
  • Very Happy with Sharon. She gets everything completed in a timely manner and is always asking questions, which I like so our books are always accurate.

    Ratings Nisha Sharolia
  • Thanks for your patience in waiting for data from us.

    Ratings Bruce Deary
  • Naga is doing great job and is attentive to our needs.

    Ratings Dennis Einspahr
  • Steve woods is excellent. He is an important part of my practice

    Ratings Ryan BOURQUE
  • John, was great !!! I hope we get to work together in the near future.

    Ratings Boris Alvarez
  • Naga is very helpful. She responds in a timely manner to problem solving.

    Ratings Jack A Franklin
  • Rhea is very structured and communicates timely to us when she finds errors in what we send.

    Ratings Eckstein
  • We have tremendous confidence working with Rhea Nolan

    Ratings Sam Eckstei
  • Great Job Parker. You are really making my job easier!

    Ratings Doris Yunda
  • Sonia is doing very well at attaching timesheets.

    Ratings Alicia
  • Always a pleasure to work with Sharon. Thank you.

    Ratings Michael
  • Good and effective

    Ratings Angelo
  • Very good turn around time

    Ratings Michael Mongulla
  • GREAT JOB !! Mrs. Sandra and her team... s

    Ratings Ramon Maduro
  • Wonderful works! Keep it up.

    Ratings Robert
  • Very well.

    Ratings Curtis Mathewss
  • Thank you for you continued excellent assistance.

    Ratings Michael
  • Estrella is amazing to work with. She's always there reminding me of the tasks that I need to do when I can't find the time in my busy schedule. If she didn't keep in touch, I would let this important part of my business fall into chaos. And she does it so sweetly and professionally that I don't mind at all, and appreciate it. Her work is swift and accurate, too. Estrella is a gem!

    Ratings Peggy Palms
  • Awesome work keep up the good work you are doing for us to make our job easier ...

    Ratings Maria
  • Always efficient and polite

    Ratings Mike Welsh
  • Steffi is the BEST to work with!

    Ratings Gary Miliefsky
  • this is not giving me the end of the letter that I need

    Ratings Charmaine
  • Good job and timely completion of the work.

    Ratings Abe
  • Steffi Jones attention to detail is incredible! She entered all sales and expense transactions as per the SOP's developed by our company and is very proactive in keeping our records up to date. She is great at understanding our company's needs and is an effective communicator.

    Ratings Andy Schabetsberger
  • Great job

    Ratings Dina Rosenberg
  • Michael always has a quick turnaround time with my requests!

    Ratings Debbie
  • Thanks

    Ratings Christina Olguin
  • Sharon continues to be productive and professional. I am very pleased. -Scott

    Ratings Scott Chichester
  • Thanks for the attentiveness given towards the items we request assistance and work to be performed thereon. We appreceiate your diligence and attention to details.

    Ratings Dr. Tom Lawrence
  • Mark did a wonderful job. He really helps us a lot.

    Ratings Emily Shi
  • I am happy with the performance of Mr. Tom. He has done a good job working on different complicated documents. He provides the services that are requested in a timely manner.

    Ratings Abe Broukha
  • Having my books done over the internet has been an interesting experience. I wasn't sure at first if it would work out not meeting face to face with my bookkeeper. But I have found Sonia to be very attentive and thorough. It actually has been much more convenient to answer a few emails from Sonia than it would have been taking time out of my busy schedule to meet face to face.

    Ratings Judy Triplett
  • You guys are super awesome.

    Ratings Joseph Diosana
  • John is very good at his job. He is super to work with. He takes time with me to explain what I don't understand and is very patient. I actually have learned some things from him as well. Knowing what his hours are helps me plan out the work that I have. It works well with our time difference, so he can work during my night time. I think the only draw back is if I have something comes up when he is not there I don't know how to get contact anyone else that might be able to help me, that is not good. If this could be changed that would be a good thing. Overall John is doing a great job for me and I will continue to send over new clients for him to work on.

    Ratings Lori K Gray Pro Bookworx, LLC
  • I actually recommended your services to a customer that came in to the store the other day.

    Ratings Richard Loch quickship plus
  • Thank you, Naga. I have been waiting for the check never written since June 2, 2017. Appreciate you help and confirmation. You are the first person to get this right and I applaud your skill. You deserve a raise!

    Ratings Anita Farley
  • Naga is always so pleasant and patient when we need her. Even though she is busy with many tasks she always answers my questions.

    Ratings Kim Baggett
  • Great communication, always completes projects on time, very organized and consistent work.

    Ratings Justin Rosen
  • Good job

    Ratings Nitin Handa
  • Turn around very quick. Seems to be right on top of issues and finding anything that may require attention

    Ratings Janet Salazar
  • Naga is doing an excellent job!

    Ratings Dawn
  • well done Nga

    Ratings Jamil Ismael Penaflorida Potente
  • She does great accounting work, and is very responsive and easy to work with.

    Ratings Eric Borgos
  • She was wonderful and did a great job

    Ratings William Rowland
  • Good job

    Ratings Nitin
  • Mr. Day's continuous professionalism, accuracy of work, dedication to customer satisfaction, and on-going commitment to providing a quality service stands out to us as a "wow" experience. We are very grateful.

    Ratings Isaac Schulman
  • Mr. Day has been timely and professional consistently. I'm very happy with his work

    Ratings Patrick Calleja
  • Working with Stacey has been great. I always really appreciate the reminders to submit my documents as it helps me stay on top of everything and not get behind as i tend to do:) Thank you for your help up to this point and i look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

    Ratings Cindy Burroughs
  • Thanks for all the hard work

    Ratings Dr. Tom
  • I'm very satisfied.

    Ratings Nora
  • Very thorough job with large client file. Excellent communication and very pleasant to work with!

    Ratings Cheryl
  • Naga always helped us in many aspects. Im glad to work with her.

    Ratings Charmaigne Lamigo
  • Quick response

    Ratings Maria
  • Good Work!!!

    Ratings Joseph Caballero
  • Thanks for assisting me as always dear. Have a good day.

    Ratings Vena Amor Peligrino
  • She did great good job Naga!

    Ratings Jam
  • Superb service! Very satisfied!!! Kudos!

    Ratings Arvin Anadon
  • Good job!

    Ratings Nate
  • Satisfied.

    Ratings Nora Li
  • Sarah and John are doing a great job getting onboarded. I really appreciate their help and patience as we get everything organized!

    Ratings Robin Buckallew
  • NICE

    Ratings Dipakkumar Rasikbhai Patel
  • Excellent Service

    Ratings Joe Caballero
  • Good start to our training. Look forward to future growth.

    Ratings Lee Martin
  • Nagammai has done excellent work and is by far the best employee we have ever worked with at Global Integra.

    Ratings Emerson Smith
  • It a little late but I prefer getting it right to just getting it done. You had the courage to keep me informed and to me that is important.

    Ratings Anthony Segreto
  • Great job

    Ratings Lisa Ferrari
  • Thomas and Stacy are excellent to work with. Fast and pleasant!!! Will be referring other accountants!!!

    Ratings Delphine Simpkins-Hill
  • Integra and staff are a group of professional, reliable, affordable bookkeeping pros for our business. They are accurate in their work and responsive to our needs. The only complaint is I didn't find them sooner. Five Stars all around.

    Ratings Isaac Schulman
  • Great customer Service :) Always on top of things with a very pleasant approach.

    Ratings Alex Desousa
  • sangeetha is the best! Thank YOu

    Ratings Neil Badlani
  • Very satisfied!

    Ratings Dean Waters
  • Very thorough and well done. Thank you.

    Ratings Cheryl
  • An Unsolicited Review From the President of Gavigan Group Estrella and the team are amazing and truly a valued part of Our Compamy! As a Scaling Real Estate Development Compamy She and the Team are our 3rd Shift. Thus allowing a 24 Hour productivity capability that Company Leaders Dream About. Thank You Pres of Gavigan Group Billy Gavigan

    Ratings Billy Gavigan
  • Very happy with bookkeeping service!

    Ratings Queen Adu-Poku
  • Ratings Elliot Rodriguez
  • I mention before, you taught me how to sell bookkeeping, you a real professional customer service person who has a great approach to selling professional services. Thanks Glenn Marston

    Ratings Glenn Mrston
  • You're doing a great job

    Ratings Sylvia