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"My biggest concern was transfer of data and its implications on data security. But it was quickly evident that Integra's data protection measures are foolproof."

I am comfortable working with Integra. Another big advantage is their low prices. Integra saved my day in the literal sense. I now have a lot of time to focus on sales. Happy to be associated with Integra!

- James Hunt,
IMS Global

"My biggest fear was associated with establishing good communication"

Before we planned to outsource, our biggest fear was ability to have good communication. But the Integra team was able to grasp the instructions and begin processing so quickly that we didn't see any back log in work. They all speak fluent English and communication actually turned out to be fun!

When the work was done in-house we had a huge backlog which caused reporting problems at month end. The accuracy was also questionable when done in house. These problems are non-existent now.

I have also seen immediate savings in wages and employee overheads. I would definitely recommend Integra to others. They are customer driven and have the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

In order to begin using Integra we were forced to tighten up our procedure and processes and it actually only turned out to be a bonus!

- Ian Morrison,
Surrey, UK

"Thought it will take long to set up outsourcing"

I thought it will take time to set-up outsourcing. But after I contacted you, it was all done very quickly and you were ready to start immediately.

After setting it up, I realised, how my time could be effectively spent on billable work. I like your quick turnaround and next day service. I am very pleased with Ramesh and Kumar, their quick response and "can do" attitude. They show great attention to detail and I particularly like their questions- It's obvious that they are paying attention to things like unbilled expenses, un-cleared items etc.,

- Colin Stanford,
Guildford, UK

"I thought we are too small to outsource"

Being a 5 employee business, I thought outsourcing is not meant for us. But I keep hearing from the media, about the cost savings of outsourcing. I decided to give it a try. So I began contacting outsourcing companies in India. But many would not take us because of our size.

Fortunately, I found Integra on Google. They made me feel welcome and were more than willing to help. I have been using them for over 3 years now. I now use them for accounting, website projects. I also consult them on important business matters that I need help with. Actually good that I came upon them!

- Lawrence McQueen,

"Our clients need not know that we outsource"

We wanted the benefits of outsourcing. But we held it back because we did not want our clients to know nor we would allow any outsourcing company to talk to our clients direct. So we wanted to associate with a trusted outsourcing partner who will stay behind the scene all the time.

That's when we found Integra. It suits us just fine. They always stay behind the scene, do all our grunt work and send us all the questions. We send the answers back, they complete the job. We are also protected by their strong confidentiality agreement. Integra has made us feel safe about outsourcing.

- A London based accounting firm that wishes to be unnamed.

"Could a company located in India do the job?"

I was initially a little unsure about the whole idea of because you were located in India. The thousands of miles that kept us apart worried me would it be safe? Would you be able to do the job?

But you have been great and finding Integra online was one of the best things that ever happened to me!

As a result of using your service I found you to be knowledgeable, fast, friendly and inexpensive. It was a great business decision to choose you! The specific feature I liked most about your service is YOUR PRICE! Two other benefits important to me are your speed in completing the job (You are very FAST!) and your team's FRIENDLY demeanor.

I am very happy with Integra and I will use them for all the years to come!

- Irv,
Medical Information Systems

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